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#TheSuiteLife101 - Yes... Your Credit Matters

When you’re serious about buying a home—and looking to qualify for a mortgage—credit matters. Lenders take a long look at your credit scores, and those numbers determine the options available to you.  If your credit score is below 680, or you have credit blemishes or little equity, it can drive up the cost of a mortgage.  Boosting your credit score before you apply for a loan can help you get a better rate, and we’ll cover ways to pull that off. Mortgage lenders look for good credit scores and the absence of bad credit marks, such as: Defaults in payment Lawsuits Liens Bankruptcies Repossession Foreclosure Payment history is the greatest factor in your FICO credit score, accounting for 35%. The...

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So... What's the BIG deal about Soy???

Hello Candle Lovers... I get a lot of questions about the big difference between soy wax candles vs "other" wax candles, so I wanted to give you all a little more info about health risks associated with these other waxes. Now being a candle lover, I didn't really care about what type of wax candle I was buying as long as it smelled good. However, when I decided to start making my own candles and creating my company, I wanted to make sure I was providing the best to my customers. With that, I conducted extensive research on different waxes, wicks, colors, fragrances, etc. I found some interesting, yet alarming, information about the potential toxic effects of paraffin candles.                                                                      ...

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Celebs, Media, & Candle Lovers Show Love

Since the Private Suite Collection debut, candle lovers from near and far have shown their love via Instagram & Twitter. Check out some of the posts below: "The Godmother" R&B Songstress - Lil Mo   "First Lady of Bmore" R&B Singer - Paula Campbell   Radio Personality - Sunni And The City   Media Maven - B. Scott   Creater of - Joi Marie of DC Fab Celebrity Blogger/Creator of     Thank you for supporting Private Suite Collection!

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