Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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Palo Santo or "holy wood" has been used for centuries by shamans for spiritual cleansing, ritual prayer, and healing.

Burn Palo Santo to clear negative energy, relax before meditation, block unwanted spirits, or refresh your energy throughout the day. It is widely recommended to use Palo Santo after burning sage to set positive intentions and bring good energy, peace, luck, and protection into your space.

How to Use: 
Light the tip of the Palo Santo & allow flame to burn for a few seconds 
Blow out flame & walk thru your space gently waving Palo Santo smoke to smudge any room or yourself
Place stick in ceramic bowl, Abalone shell, incense tray, or any heat proof vessel 
Allow Palo Santo to naturally go out or snuff it out
(approx. 4in)
**Please burn responsibly. Never leave smudge stick unattended.**
Note: Each stick is unique and varies in size & color